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 [EVENT SPÉCIAL WTF] Let's talk in English!

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Anonymous Killjoy
MessageSujet: [EVENT SPÉCIAL WTF] Let's talk in English!    Jeu 23 Mai - 21:20

Je vois déjà vos visages s'éclairer d'admiration :

Le principe de l'event :

En partenariat avec vos profs d'Anglais, on vous propose cette semaine de laisser tomber vos posts en cours et de décompresser avant les épreuves de cet enfoiré de baccalauréat, toujours avec un esprit ludique !
Le concept est très simple, ici on fait nos foufous et on ne fait plus attention à aucuns codes rpgiques... Ici la seule règle c'est de rester incohérent, on veut du bon WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

Pas de panique ! Pour ne pas vous laisser dans le flou total, voici quelques pistes (j'accepte les chèques) :

• Vos personnages changent radicalement de personnalité.
• Vous jouez la carte de l'absurde (plus c'est abscons, plus c'est marrant, surtout cette tortue accrochée à votre bras).
• Vos personnages ont subitement changé d'amis... et de petit-e(s)-copain-e(s).
• Vous pouvez faire intervenir des choses qui n'ont rien à voir avec l'univers Harry Potter, profitez-en.

Résumé de l'épisode précédent...

"Et si le duc Ludwig von Gotha avait occulté un ingrédient dans l’élixir qui aurait dû permettre le réveil de l'Empereur Kvasir ? Marius Sheffield aurait juste eu très mal au ventre après l'avoir englouti... Et toute l'histoire aurait changé.
Car maintenant tout le monde se trouve à une dizaine de milliers de kilomètres d'Angleterre, dans un grand château, pour une occasion bien particulière... En effet la meilleure élève de Poudlard, la très aimée Alice von Gotha, a invité toutes les personnes de son école à fêter son anniversaire ! Sauf que rien ne se passera comme prévu, dans cette autre dimension kitsch et déjantée où tout le monde agit si bizarrement..."

C'est chiant que ça soit en anglais hein ? Faites donc de votre possible, ça sera encore plus drôle !

Let's talk in English guys, here we flood (<- read flode).
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Victor de Habsbourg

MessageSujet: Re: [EVENT SPÉCIAL WTF] Let's talk in English!    Ven 24 Mai - 15:35

I'm lucky to began *p*

- LILIIIIIIIIIICE, shouted Victor, two cups of tea in his hands.

He wore a pullover with a deer drawn above, and his shirt was surmounted by a bow tie. His beautiful smile illuminated everyone in the castle of his cousin, who celebrated her seventeenth birthday today.

- Oh my gaaaad, you're so pretty Piotrynina ! says to his new boyfriend.

- I don't like this nickname, Vicky, answered Piotr with an expression closed to the stupor on the face. But I like your pullover, give it to me !

Without hesitation, Victor took off his beautiful pullover to thread it to his friend, before showing his mouth with determination.

- Only one kiss, Blondie.

Victor went away, with his characteristic shrill laughter of the lineage Hapsburg.
Two crowded lounges farther there was his second boyfriend, who had about fifty years furthermore than him. The wizard threw himself into his arms after having made a wild dance on Alice's favorite moldue music.

*God, I need your galleons so much.*

He suffered since two years, waiting the vioque's death... For the moment he looked very in shape, but the party would have, who knows, maybe reason of him and of his strange fantasies.
But where was Victor's third boyfriend ? He looked for him, pushing away his very rich testamentary, forgetting to wish happy birthday to Alice in the passage. But... but... Where was his two cups of tea ? His look settled directly on the old lord.

*Hell no ! Not my... my cups of tea... God it's so disgusting.*

Yes, the Lord had strange fantaisies.

________________Requiem for a Prophecy________________
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears.
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Amber Fiamata Dia Capulet

MessageSujet: Re: [EVENT SPÉCIAL WTF] Let's talk in English!    Sam 25 Mai - 11:35

- Meeko! Rrrrrrr... For the love of... Come here ! No! Outch. Why is this table not enough taller to kneel down?

- Youniouu, younian, youniou.

Under the sea ♪... Well, in fact under a very long table. And the pretty little girl called Amber walked on all fours after his little cute fox.

- Now i gotcha! Please stay here. Erm... It's a pity you can't braid like the Meeko in Pocahontas... said Amby, fold her arm and pouted.


She gave Meeko a big cuddle.

Then, she had a look at the wonderful room through the tablecloth, ready to visualize all boys present in this party for Miss Von Gotha. She had never liked this girl, so jealous of her, but the only reason she came here was in order to accomplish is wish: kiss boys more than one time. Anyway, if there was all invited students, Von gotha does not notice if Amber will not wish to her a "happy birthday", isn't it?
First she was supposed to catch a delighted prey. Let us now take a peep into the future. Last week, in the last party where she was, she had kissed sixteen boys. Today, in honor to the Von gotha's seventeen years old, she will kiss seventeen! An original present, isn't it? Especially for the Capulet of course. She didn't care about the most foul cleverness and well-known girl of Poudlard, even if it was "her day". Every day was a day more to make the most of life and thinking of her before others. She always opened her heart to all the possibilities the world offered to her.
So she put Meeko on her shoulder and left her hiding-place. It was a baby fox so she could put him on her shoulder and Meeko's long and bushy tail was surrounded perfectly and wonderfully her neck.

Amber exactly was dressed like Pocahontas in the Disney's moldu movie.

Time to have blast. She was on top of the world, nobody could stop her.

- All i need is a rhythm divine with a handsome boy too. Meeko! Don't eat my hair!

________________Requiem for a Prophecy________________

Jake&Amby <3
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Kieran O'Farrell

MessageSujet: Re: [EVENT SPÉCIAL WTF] Let's talk in English!    Mar 28 Mai - 20:11

*I don't want this epic event die é_è ! So i flood a little with Kiki.*

Woh ! It's was absolutely charming here !

Breathe, just breathe. Good heavens, this days was certainly the most important day of his entire life. When he had known that Alice Von Gotha gave a party to celebrate her birthday, Kieran was on cloud nine. To his mind, she was the most wonderful girl in the world. And this day he could declare his love for her. However, there was a very very very huge problem.

Kieran was the shiest boy of Poudlard ! And now our shy guy was extraordinarily nervous and was looking forward the time he could get close to the wonderful Alice.
During he was pacing and down, a little fairy was playing around him. And she was ...

- Tinkerbell ! Stop it please ! I ... I will ... I will try ... i will do ma best okay ? Just leave me alone one minute ! I need to ... breathe, murmured Kieran so stressed at this very moment.

And yet he had planned everything with his fairy. Go before Alice, propose to dance with her and then the most interesting, Tinkerbell will put fairy dust on them and after they will fly together. However to fly, they need two things : happy thoughts and fairy dust and not just the fairy dust. But in this party it will not be difficult to have happy thoughts !
Maybe he will not arrive to say " i love you" to her but a dance will be enough to be over the moon.

Breathe. Don't shake. She was not going to kill him !

- A... Alice ? Can i have the next dance with you ? asked Kieran when he arrived close to her.

Unfortunately, he was so nervous, he fainted in front of her after. And Tinkerbell, panic-stricken, flew through the air and put fairy dust in all the room.

________________Requiem for a Prophecy________________
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Unaware of where the truth ends and my li(f)e begins.

MessageSujet: Re: [EVENT SPÉCIAL WTF] Let's talk in English!    Mer 29 Mai - 19:42

- Daddy, daaaaddyyyyy it's my birthday!!

- Aw well. Merry Christmas.

The Duke was drunk, surrounded by whores in Von Gotha Castle's eastern wing. As usual he didn't give a damn about his daughter - he barely know he had a daughter, actually, as she was studying abroad - so Alice was only a bit sad. She got happier thinking about her party: she invited each and every Hogwarts'students and teachers, although she was freaked out by Summer Diland, a terrible Hufflepuffle, and she was sure that the most beloved teacher of her school, Lucifer Mogg, didn't even memorise her name - after all, she was such a dick in potion making.


Her very gay cousin was already here. She invited him only to be polite, actually, and was hoping he wouldn't come. Fail. She had a small smile to him, and left the room. There were a buffet right there, and she starting eating a massive piece of cake - stress always made her like bulimic.

*I wonder where is Becca.*

Becca was a very shy and nice girl, and she was her best friend too. She was a Ravenclaw, which meant that she obviously knew if the wonderful Leopold Durant was coming or not. Alice was in love with him for years, now...

- A... Alice ? Can i have the next dance with you ?

She looked at Kieran only one second, then he collapsed.

- No! her eyes got full of water. I... I think I'm a basilic......

Then she ran away, reaching the garden, followed by a little fox trying to bite her.

________________Requiem for a Prophecy________________
Unaware of where the truth ends and my li(f)e begins.

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Summer Diland

MessageSujet: Re: [EVENT SPÉCIAL WTF] Let's talk in English!    Sam 1 Juin - 13:21

A wonderful day ! The duchess Von Gotha celebrated her birthday at her home. Of course, the princess of darkness was invited at this party ! Everybody love her, absolutely everyone, so that she was invited for all party, even if she's not appreciate. Frighten, an exception job. She only had to ask anything, and we brought him. It was the same thing to scare others. The nightmares became real with her, and this night will be fantastic for this girl so cute. Her laugh rang already.
All her attention was on the juvenile girl who ran away, followed by a fox. Concentrated, some people greeted her, thinking to get her blessing, but her determination took all. Suddenly, her phone rang. She takes her right shoe heel and brought it at her ear.

-Hi Mom ! Yes I'm fine ! ..What ? You can't come? Mom ! Alice loves you ! You are her favorites teachers .. Bob fell from 320th floor with parachute pants?! GOD ! Dad is very .. surprising. I ask me why you are again with this 12 year old man .. a real public danger! Kiss Daddy for me ! Bye !

Anything ..
Alice was in the garden, a beautiful garden but not as much her garden, because her garden was a veritable paradise with some whales, pelicans, rhinoceros, and others. Her favorite remained the present she will given to Alice.

- Hi Alice ! Happy birthday my best friend !

Her words were illustrated by her friendly hug ironic.

- I would give you my gift. He comes from heart !

Smile on her face, she looks like a perfect girl, present for her friends and more sympathetic. Offering the little gift, Summer added ;

- I didn't know what to get you, so I thought at you ! At your appearance, and more ! I hope that you will love it !

This eternal smile on her face, she pampered a fox.

- It's a magical animal. Press above and you could to take the appearance of that which you worship.. for a short time. Yep ! This night, I'm a fairy !

Yes, she feels like a fairy.

- You know Alice ... you are my favorite toy, I love you.

It was real, she prefers Alice from all her toys, the dream doll. And in her madness, she began to dream that Alice was her daughter, or just her sister.
Sitting on the bench, she waited the rain.

________________Requiem for a Prophecy________________

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Jake Wood

MessageSujet: Re: [EVENT SPÉCIAL WTF] Let's talk in English!    Sam 1 Juin - 15:34

Today was a particular day. The perfect Alice celebrated her birthday, inviting all people possibles. When the young man received the letter, he became hysterical as he was happy, returning all the house. One week before, the young man had already thought at his evening dress, because he loves to wear some clothes female. He asked at his mother to lend her clothes more chic and sexy, she accepted beause this dress code values her son.

His wish was to shake the house of Von Gotha by his sex-appeal. He was terribly excited, and impatiently. Three hours were necessary for that gentleman is ready. One short red dress, one scarf, and one pair of stilettos heels accompanied by a cherry lipstick. This night will be fashion ! WOUHOU. He was came on an unicorn called Lincoln, met on the road for come at home of Von Gotha who kindly offered his back like seat. His daughter called Abraham. They became friends.

- I let you my number phone !

Walking among the people, Jake alias Jakie-sexy began to dance, rising one arm after one arm, from top to bottom. His ass moved on background music.
The young Jakie loves to mingle with people. He talks with everyone, all the time, a real pie.

- Baby baby one more time !

His body moved fast and his head turned on right then on left. Turning on his stiletto heels, he feels alone, like a squirrel having the rage demons midnights. He was furious, so furious, he would put the fire on the dance floor, he could kiss anybody !
He had promised to realise his fantasms, like to wish a happy birthday at Alice his idol.
He looks like a chip, his body danced, while his eyes fixed all people. He never felt so good.

His eyes sought the star of the evening, but she seemed not found. Too bad, he will see later maybe. What a party ! There were some coca cola and pretzels ! It was fabulous.
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MessageSujet: Re: [EVENT SPÉCIAL WTF] Let's talk in English!    

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[EVENT SPÉCIAL WTF] Let's talk in English!

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